100% Beeswax Luminaries. Put a small amout of water inside of the holder and place the tea light inside, it should float nicely. Judge the water less or more. Light the tea light and watch it dance away. Beautiful ambiance and lovely yellow glow. They are a natural product they are all different sizes and shapes. They are not smooth they are naturally hand dipped and set. I do not suggest putting a tealight directly in, if not placed right could cause the Beeswax shell to melt. Put water inside of the holder  before placing your tea light. Place in a safe a cool place where a fire can not be started.   

Beeswax Tea light Luminaries

  • Keep in cool places for full use. Do not place tea light directly in holder without putting a small amount of water inside allowing the tea light to float freely. Holder will melt if placed near heat hot enough to melt the form. DO NOT use anything larger than a tea light inside of holder it will cause a fire. I will Not be responsible for misuse of product. No refunds