Rock Hound Gift Crystal, Air Plant & Photo holder

Rock Hound Gift Crystal, Air Plant & Photo holder


Perfect Rock Hound Gift. Rainbow Fluorite, air plant and photo holder. This unique gift has many functions. Add a photo or daily mantra to your desk buddy. Adorned with a Rainbow Flourite base. Small Tillandsia Rubra air plants measuring around 1-1.5 inches, some maybe be slightly larger. These plants range in color from green to pink to a mix of both depending on if they are in blush or in bloom at the time of shipment. Perfect for your night stand or desk at work. Naturally brings a vibrance to your area. Air plants are unique, hardy plants with simple care requirements! They need no soil to grow and they have no roots. All the nutrients and water they need are absorbed through the leaves. Simply mist or soak your plants to water them and give them some light to grow. Eventually, they will produce a flower and then begin to reproduce, creating multiple new plants. 

  • Product details and shipping

    Air Plant on Deep Rainbow Fluorite Chunk, Tillandsia , Good Vibes Desk Accessory Perfect Gift 

    Small-  air plant on Rainbow Fluorite Chunk.

    Gemstone measures approx 3.5" long x 2" tall.
    Beautiful Rainbow Fluorite Chunk may vary in gemstone and color.

    Weight - 310 grams 

    Plant size: mini - small
    Plant measures approximately 1 -1.5" tall.


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