I would like to introduce my Passion Crystal Oil Rollers. They are fantastic with my own blends of Organic Essential oils and flowers I grew myself. Pretty Amazing scents and carry beautiful energy. There is a pamphlet included with all the different crystals and its properties for your personal use.




Rose Quartz

Rainbow Fluorite




Red Jasper

Lapis Lazuli


Tigers Eye

Clear Quartz


They each have a special blend not only associated with the Crystal but your Chakra as well. They each bring about there own uniqueness.

Each roller is: $14.99 can be reused or save it and I can refill with a new blend at a discounted rate. 

Passion Crystal Oil Roller

  • Contact us at CHRISTINA@PASSIONWITHATWIST with the following information: If damaged please include a picture(please no zip files).Report any damaged or missing items within ten (10) days of receipt of order so that we can help rectify.

    All returns should have RETURNS DEPT. written clearly on the outside of the box. Inside the box,  Returned Merchandise. No merchandise will be accepted or replacements issued without prior approval to return such merchandise.

    Passion with a twist accepts returned items that are in resalable condition purchased less than 1 month.