Everything is made with Organic Beeswax and Essential oils, Natural Crystal & Stones. Cleaned and blessed before making formulas. All box are corespondant with your zodiac sign. Everything from the oil and stone or crystal picked for your jewlery. Pieces are chosen intuitvely for each zodiac box. There are no identical boxes, all are different in products and colors, shades, sizes all vary due to using natural products. 

Engraved Wood Zodiac Keepsake box includes: 

* Keepsake Wood box

"Queen Bee Lotion Me" lotion bar 

"Passion Crystal Oil Roller" 

"Just Bee" Beeswax Candle 

**Handwrapped crystal pendant, earrings or bracelet.


"Oh My Goddess" Zodiac Box

Zodiac Box
  • No Refunds all products are handcrafted from natural sources and will have different colors and scents. Items are intuitively made for each order.