Here it is! Everything Organic, Organic Essential oils, Natural Crystal & Stones. Cleaned and blessed before making formulas.

Black gift box includes:


"Queen Bee Lotion Me" lotion bar pick one(lavender, Cocoa butter)


"Passion Crystal Oil Roller" pick one


(Rose Quartz, sodalite, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli,Clear Quartz, Fluorite, Tigers Eye, Green Aventurine, Obsidian, Red Jasper. )


"Just Bee" Beeswax Candle pick one (Lavender,Rose,Cocoa Butter)


Organic beeswax Lip Balm

(Coconut Peppermint)


Pendant keychain- varies


APPRECIATION GIFT : .925 Sterling silver and Copper wrapped Yellow Quartz Pendant valued at $55 thank you for sharing space with me.

"Oh My Goddess" box

"Just Bee" Organic candle Pick One:
"Queen Bee Lotion Me" Lotion Bars