Benefits: Beeswax candles have air cleansing properties. They release negative ions into the air that neutralize any pollutants, such as dust, odor, mold, etc. that might be present in the atmosphere. This makes them especially useful to people suffering from asthma or other respiratory diseases.


Buddha Wax warmer or Owl Wax Warmer to go with your Organic Beeswax Wax Melts, tea lights, keep your wax warmer clean by using a reusable flip in insert. Easy clean up, easy exchange of wax. All wax melts are Organic and blended with quality essential oils and different flower petals. 100% non - toxic irritant free, mica powder for color.


Buddha Wax Warmer 4 1/2"L x 4"

Owl Wax Warmer 4"x 3 1/2"


2pk 6Pc. Organic Beeswax Wax Melts

Lavender Calm

Jasmine Vanilla

Rose Love


Wax Melts reach high tempratures and may cause burns if touched while hot. Do not eat and keep out of reach of children. Do not leave warmer unattended. 


Buddha or Owl Wax Warmer Set

Buddha Wax Warmer
Owl Wax Warmer
Beeswax Wax Melts