Beeswax Intention Candles

Beeswax Intention Candles


Intention & Spell Candles Our wonderful Beeswax Intention candles are perfect for small and medium sized sessions. They contain a custom herb & flower blend made to suit your candles color. All candle colors mean whatever your heart desires, but I have included a few crystals to help you achieve your manifested outcomes.

White - Purification

Black- Banishing of evil

Silver- purification, cleansing, freedom

Gold- Luck, Abundance

Red- Love, Relationships, intimacy

Pink- Friendship, self love

Blue- Make A Wish - waterfall of good intentions.

Green- Money Maker Abundance, Money

Orange- Laughter, Happiness,

Yellow- Joy, Creativity, Good health

Brown- Grounding, Trust, New Beginning

Purple- Psychic Ability enhancement, manifestation, energy